Havells UV Plus: Is the Water Purifier Worth Your Expenditure

Water is the most precious thing in our lives that we take for granted. Every human being’s life is dependent on it. Since water is so essential for our lives, therefore, it must be free from every impurity. Almost every source from where we received water is polluted and cause many diseases. The contamination level has reached to such extent that it cannot be cleaned without introducing any special techniques. Here water purifier comes to rescue, they have the efficiency to purify the water and make it ideal for consumption. Havells UV plus is a UV water purifier recently launched by Havells well-known electrical equipment brand. Today we will review this product and will find out is this water purifier worth your money.

Havells UV Plus Water Purifier

Havells UV plus is a UV water purifier that uses the purification technology of UV and UF. It is a 5 Stage UV water purifier with a smart design.

Features of Havells UV Plus

  • UV-UF purification technology
  • 5 stage purification process
  • 7 litres storage capacity
  • 30Litres/hour Purification capacity
  • Compact Design with flexible mounting
  • Soft touch water dispensing tap
  • Voltage fluctuation protection

Purification technology

This water purifier works on the purification technology of UV-UF. In this purification process,  water passes through the UV membrane to kill all the deadly microorganisms. UF purification is used to remove sediments, cyst, organic and inorganic molecules. This water purifier purification technology is similar to KENT Maxx UV water purifier and also some of the features are similar to it.

Smart Design with Flexible Mounting

The best feature of this product its mounting design as it is an only water purifier that can be mounted in a corner also. The design of the water purifier is also nice that comes with a vibrant blue and white color. It also comes with soft touch tap for easy water dispensing. Havells UV plus has a detachable transparent storage tank that can be easily removed or placed. The storage capacity of Havells UV Plus is 7 lit

Purification capacity

The purification capacity of Havells UV Plus water purifier is 30litres/hour. However, the purification capacity is very low when comparing with other UV water purifier. High purification capacity means less time taken to purify water.

Smart Alerts

To make you aware of any faults in the machine this water purifier comes with an alert system. It also has UV failure alarm and full tank indicator.

iProtect Purification Monitoring

It has iProtect Purification monitoring systems that automatically shuts off the water purification if there is any failure detected.

Voltage fluctuation protection

To protect the machine from the irregular power fluctuation it has Electrical Protection System. This allows the machine to work properly in the voltage from 170 V – 310 V. It helps in protecting the water purifier from any electrical damage.

Purification technology UV & UF Technology
Purification capacity Up to 30 litres per hour
Storage Capacity Approx. 7 litres
purification stages 5 Stage purification
Material Food safe plastic
Power rating (max) 25 W
Pressure rating 09-30 PSI
UV Lamp Power rating 11 W
Net weight Approx. 6 KG
dimensions (H x D x W) mm 490 x 273 x 382



Havells UV plus is a 5 stage UV water purifier with double purification process of UV and UF. When it comes to any special features it only has a smart design with flexible mounting options. Otherwise, this water purifier has no other specifications that make it different from other UV water purifier.

Havells UV Plus has some features like KENT Maxx such as detachable storage tank, and purification technology. When comparing it with KENT Maxx, it has lower purification process than KENT Maxx. The purification capacity of Havells UV Plus is 30 litres/hour whereas KENT Maxx comes with purification process of 60 litres/hour. There is a slight difference between the price of both the water purifiers KENT Maxx price is 10, 000/- whereas Havells UV plus the price is 10, 499/-. So if you are looking for an advanced water purifier then you should go for KENT Maxx because it has many advanced features than Havells UV plus.